You must register for the 2020 Conference individually and then log in to Sched and register for EACH Zoom session you wish to attend

(Click the “Video Stream” button at the top of each session to gain access).

2020 UNC CAUSE will be a series of virtual events from October 6th until October 22nd! The Daily Zoom Schedule for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday for each week is below:

  • Attendee Presentations @ 10AM & 2PM
  • SIG Sessions @ 11AM & 1PM
  • Vendor Presentations @ 1PM
  • Unconference Open Slots @ 3PM

User presentation sessions at 10AM and 2PM will be recorded with prior presenter permission. These recordings are primarily for archival purposes but may be re-posted for viewing at a later date if possible.

2020 UNC CAUSE Schedule