2020 UNC CAUSE begins in two weeks! Don’t forget the conference is held virtually this year from October 6th – 22nd. Here are details on conference logistics!

You will currently see a “LIMITED” notification next to each session on the Schedule, which uses the Sched platform. This is to securely limit Zoom links to conference registrants only. We will invite new registrants to Sched by noon each weekday.

Here are all the steps that must happen for you to access the full 2020 UNC CAUSE Schedule on Sched and join sessions over Zoom:

  1. Register for 2020 UNC CAUSE
  2. Wait to receive the Sched invitation email (sent by 12PM ET each weekday)
  3. Once invited to Sched, sign up or log in to your existing Sched account on the Schedule (must use conference registration email)
  4. After logging in to Sched, select a session and click on “Video Stream” to register for the Zoom session. You must register for each Zoom session you’d like to attend.

If you have any issues accessing Sched or Zoom after following these four steps, please reach out to us at conference@unccause.org.